Bigger than the Jesus-tablet?

Probably not, although the launch of the entire back catalogue of The Beatles' hits onto iTunes did cause quite a fuss.

And even though a wave of Beatles-based cynicism soon swept over the web, and especially on Twitter, following the iTunes announcement, it can't be denied that The Beatles are still a major force in the music industry.

As one social media commentator put it: "I think cynicism is more about iTunes than The Beatles, saying you don't like Beatles is like saying you don't like breathing".

And it seems we do like breathing as The Beatles are now dominating the iTunes top 200, with 38 songs currently occupying the Apple hit parade.

There are no songs in the top 30 - Hey Jude is highest at no.33 - but for a bunch of tunes that have been around for over 40 years, and have had more re-releases than a Star Wars box-set, it's pretty good going.

But it does beg the question: Who actually likes The Beatles but hasn't yet bought or ripped their music? We mean, it's hardly likely that you'd not heard of them until they hit iTunes.

Are you going to be downloading The Beatles' material from iTunes, or are you all Beatled-out already? Give us your thoughts below.