Whether it is a fluke or prophetic, our iTunes lists 12/11/2010 as the date it will check for a new update to our iPhone and iPad's operating system. And while we don't usually hold much stock in such things, there's new corroborative evidence, and an increase in what Jack Bauer would call "chatter", to suggest that this Friday will indeed be the day iOS 4.2 is finally ready for download.

The generally-reliable Macstories.net claims that an inside source at AT&T has told them that Apple will make iOS 4.2 available globally at 10am PST (6pm GMT in the UK) on 12 November. It's a date that we've heard and written about before on Pocket-lint too.

In addition, the same site has said that iTunes 10.1 will be available as of tomorrow, as it will be needed to be installed before iOS 4.2 can be downloaded.

And, because all good things come in threes (three wise men, three wishes, De La Soul) the update for Mac OS X 10.6.5, which includes access to the new App Store, will also hit tomorrow.

Interestingly, Macstories' source also claims that iOS 4.2 was actually due for release last Tuesday 2 November, but a bug in the way it displayed Japanese characters caused a delay.

Not long to go now...

UPDATE: Mac OS X 10.6.5 went live on Wednesday evening (10/11/10).

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