Well, we kind of knew it was on the cards, but now we've got official word. iLife 11 is alive and coming your way.

The productivity suite was introduced by Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the Apple event, and he described the package as "the best suite of digital life apps in the world".

iLife 11 brings all of your favourite iLife apps kicking and screaming into the new decade, with the same five apps that you're already familiar with; iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand, and iWeb.

The revamped iPhoto brings with it full screen operation, Facebook enhancements, improved email interface (with iPhone like "send to" options), a "big leap" in books, letterpress cards and a killer new slide show aspect that was demoed at the keynote.

iMovie has also seen some cool new features added to it, including vastly improved audio editing, one step effects (such as repeating, slow motion clips with "Instant Replay" labels), news and sports themes and a brilliantly quirky new movie trailer creator.

GarageBand (and no, we're not sure why it's not iGarageBand either) now includes a more "human" touch. The groove matching feature is "like an automatic spell checker for bad rhythm", which analyses notes of the separate instruments and ties them together. 

There's also music lessons built right in with guitar and keyboard lessons, as well as a "How Do I Play?" feature.

The other apps inside iLife will feature small upgrades, but Pocket-lint will have to let you know more on those when we get our hands on the new version, the Back to the Mac event presenters have skirted over them.

However, we do know that as of today, iLife 11 will come free with every new mac. For existing iLife owners, it'll be £45 ($49 in the US) to upgrade.