Steve Jobs described the preview of the next Mac OS X platform as the "entrée" for the Back to the Mac event.

But, there were still some juicy details regarding Lion, including a dedicated MacBook App Store.

Jobs described how Mac OS X Lion was inspired by iOS and brings with it all of the things that you love about your iPhone and your iPad.

Multi-touch gestures will be supported via the Magic Trackpad - Jobs said multi-touches don't work vertically, so no touchscreen support for your Mac just yet.

The App Store will be a Mac specific one, with all the usability of the current App Store, including top charts, free and paid apps, one touch downloading and the same 70/30 split for developers.

Apps are organised via a new Launchpad area, which is like the homescreen on your current iOS devices - bringing folders with it as well.

The Mac apps will have full screen support as well - a nice PDF book demo was given - and you can even keep full screen open and get back to your desktop with a gesture.

A new Mission Control area was also revealed which integrates your dock, dashboard, spaces and Launchpad.

Mac OS X Lion is due out in the summer of 2011, with Jobs saying that Apple is "on course".