Ten new words and phrases, including Facetime, Tablet and Froyo, have entered the 2011 version of Pixmania's official Nerdic dictionary, the lexicon of geek speak for tech-holics. They have replaced a number of (near) defunct sayings and names, such as Google Wave, MySpace and Maemo.

Nerdic relates to the semantics of technology terminology, specifically of new-found phrases and words that are universal in their use (across Europe and the rest of the World), like Internet and Wi-Fi. And the gadget retail website has even applied for its official recognition as a language.

For now though, the site maintains (along with T3 magazine, which is part of the monitoring process) a full dictionary of Nerdic, with entries added and removed as the market and trends progress.

The managing director of Pixmania, Ulric Jerome commented on the new additions to the current glossary: "Just like the technology it describes, it’s natural that a language such as Nerdic constantly evolves. The market is moving so fast that the new terms we have discovered for 2011 will probably be those to forget in 2012 as new technology supersedes what we perceive to be cutting edge today".

Alongside Facetime, Tablet and Froyo, other phrases/words to be included in the 2011 volume are: Augmented Reality, Connected TV, MiFi, AMOLED, Retina Display, Cloud, and Retweet.

Pixmania also believes that other terms will become more prevalent throughout next year. Followers, Paywall, Motion gaming, Mind control gaming, MID (Mobile Internet Device), LTE/WiMax, MeeGo, Snapdragon, and Social gaming are all ones to watch.

However, the dictionary has been trimmed of Google Wave, Bebo, Landline, Facebook fan, MySpace, Widget TV, Maemo, and Poke. So if you still use any of those, you're saaaaaad!

And that's sadder than someone who happily speaks Nerdic... That's so very very sad that it's almost inversely so, and therefore cool again. Oh.

The Nerdic dictionary 2011 will be available to download from Pixmania.co.uk or Pixmania.com.

Have you got any new words to add to the Nerdic dictionary? Let us know in the comments below...

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