Looks like those relaxed guidelines for the Apple iTunes App Store have really opened the floodgates as the latest previously controversial app to grace the app store is the VLC media player for the iPad.

"VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework, that plays most multimedias files and various streaming protocols," reads the blurb on the iTunes page for the iPad app.  

VLC has the majority of codecs built-in meaning that you'll be able to play a lot more different file types in the future rather than having to worry about converting your media files to an Apple friendly format.

"It comes with support for nearly all codec there is. And what is more it can even play back the file or media if it is damaged! Missing or broken pieces are no stop to VLC, it plays all the video and audio information that's still intact," claim VLC.

Like the PC and Mac desktop versions, the new app is free and available to download now in most Apple iTunes App Stores.