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(Pocket-lint) - The roll out of Apple's iOS 4.1 for the iPhone and iPod touch on Wednesday brought with it the hotly anticipated Game Center. This is Apple's attempt at a social gaming network, and promises the chance to "invite friends to join. Then totally crush them" with your high scores. It's a nice idea, but games fans were disappointed to discover that there was only one game available at launch and that was the classic, if a little tame, Ms Pacman.Thankfully Apple has sinced upped the ante by introducing a much more meaty selection of games for you to get stuck into. We've put together our top 10 for your reading (and gaming) pleasure. Don't forget these are the best so far, Apple looks to be adding more and more as the hours past.

Zen Bound 2 Universal (£1.79)

top 10 apple game center games image 11

This bizarre but beautiful puzzle game is like a form of therapy and lets you spin inanimate objects in the air while wrapping them in rope. It's really much better than it sounds and extremely addictive with some wonderfully intricate graphics.

Real Racing (£2.99)

top 10 apple game center games image 9

One of the best racing games available for the iPhone, Real Racing is ideal for multiplayer gaming and enables you to tweak the settings of your car to suit your driving style and you can even add your own soundtrack.

FarmVille (Free)

top 10 apple game center games image 3

Non-players of this inexplicably popular game are bound to have seen it pop up on some of their friends' Facebook pages from time to time. It lets you create a virtual farm on which you can grow crops and harvest livestock. Sounds riveting, doesn't it?

Nanosaur 2 (£2.39)

top 10 apple game center games image 7

In this prehistorically themed game, you get to play as a flying dinosaur whose mission is to retrieve stolen dinosaur eggs and return them to safety. Your pterodactyl is also tooled up, so there's plenty of weapon fire to be enjoyed.

Pac-Man (£2.99)

top 10 apple game center games image 8

No explanation is needed for this classic arcade game. There's a hungry little fella with a big gob, there are some ghosts, there are some cherries. You know what to do.

Flight Control (59p)

top 10 apple game center games image 5

Sporting some delightfully retro graphics, this action/strategy game lets you touch and drag your aircraft to their landing positions while trying to avoid mid-air collisions. Not one for those with a fear of flying (or anyone that was disturbed by Derren Brown's Hero at 30,000 Feet).

Fieldrunners (£1.79)

top 10 apple game center games image 4

This popular tower defence game offers some amazing graphics and strategic gameplay, where the aim is to defend and control the field using a series of upgradable towers.

Cocoto Magic Circus (£2.39)

top 10 apple game center games image 2

Boasting some wonderful animation, this tap-to-shoot arcade game sees Cocoto on a mission to save a fairy princess from an evil clown. This is good, ol' fashioned gaming that's ideal for small devices such as the iPhone.

WordsWorth (£1.19)

top 10 apple game center games image 10

This word-based puzzle game may look a bit like Blockbusters, but the idea is to find a collection of words scrambled in the honeycomb-shaped grid. There are also plenty of other twists to the game to keep those little grey cells at work.

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Issac Newton's Gravity (£1.79)

top 10 apple game center games image 6

Inspired by the man who put a name to the force of gravity, this is one for the boffins among you and involves a series of exquisitely rendered physics puzzles, which get harder as the game progresses.

Writing by Libby Plummer.