Every so often something turns up at Pocket-lint, that looks as though it might be another piece of dross, but actually turns out to be a pretty nifty little piece of kit.

And one such device that definitely falls into that category is The Wallee.

The Wallee is basically a bracket to hold your iPad on the wall. But within its simplicity lies its brilliance.

Your iPad simply clips into the hard protective shell and then, via a cross locking mechanism clips onto the wall plate.

Because it is an X lock, it means you can have the iPad mounted in both portrait and landscape mode - which makes it a perfect bracket for using your iPad as a mini bedroom TV.

It's available in five different colours - white, black, clear, blue and orange - and the wall bracket comes in black or white.

Fitting the wall plate to the wall is a doddle, although you will need to drill in four screws (or take a chance of your precious iPad falling) and it's child's play clipping your tablet in place and rotating.

The Wallee is AUS$49.95 (about £30) and you'll get free shipping from the land down under (where women glow and men plunder).

You can also get extra wall plates for AUS$10 if you want a few iPad TV stations set up around your gaff.

If you don't fancy drilling into your wall but need somewhere to sit your Apple baby when it's not in use then be sure to check out our guide to the best Apple iPad stands on the market.