One of the cool demos that Steve Jobs put on at the Apple special event on Wednesday was showing off the revamped Apple streaming service AirPlay (formerly AirTunes).

And, thanks to a page on the Apple website, we know that third party speakers will be a feature of AirPlay and that audio giants such as Bowers & Wilkins and Denon are waiting to get on board.

But it seems as if the first speaker out of the block may come from iDevice specialist iHome, who has put up a teaser for an AirPlay enabled speaker.

There's not a lot of details regarding the speaker - except that it is black with a silver trim, it has a rechargeable battery and it will be out in time to wrap it up and send it to Pocket-lint for Christmas.

AirPlay has the potential to be huge. With the amount of fanboys (and mere Apple appreciators) rocking iOS devices and iTunes 10 - the third party industry has an absolutely humongous customer base to tap into.

Although the iHome teaser is exciting (because it's the first) - we're more interested in what's coming in the future.

After all, that speaker on the Apple AirPlay webpage looks suspiciously like a Zeppelin. And we like Zeppelins.

ihome ready for some apple airplay image 2