Some people predicted that the iPod shuffle would be scrapped at the Apple event over in San Fran.

Not so, it's had a revamp that makes it more like a hybrid between the previous two versions.

That means a clickwheel, as well as voice over. And, being a shuffle - it's super tiny.

There's playlists on board still - with Genius being added and it has a clip so you can stick it on your being when you're jogging (or sitting - but we don't think that's the point).

It has 15 hours of playback and will cost you just $49 for a 2GB version. There's five different colour options available.

That means a UK price of £40-ish most likely.

The new iPod shuffle hits the Apple Store next week - with pre-orders open now.

UPDATE: the new iPod shuffle will cost £39 for 2GB.