Apple's first announcement over in San Francisco was that iOS 4.1 is going live.

Rather than being a simple 0.1 update this revamp brings some pretty nifty features with it, including:

HDR Photos: This takes three photos, an over exposed one, an under exposed one and a normal one. It then combines the three and gives you the option as to what one looks best.

HD Video uploading: This one was a bit of a no-brainer - why would Apple provide a device that films 720p video, but then doesn't let you automatically upload it? Well, it did - but gladly this has been rectified.

Game Center - This social gaming platform finally comes out of the development blocks and into the real world.

It will also fix some bugs to do with Bluetooth, the proximity sensors and UI on the iPhone 3G.

It's coming out next week and it will be free via iTunes.