New data shows that Apple has quietly passed the 250,000 app marker at the App Store.

According to, a site that covers iPhone development news and information for the community, by the community; at the time of writing Apple is featuring 252,894 apps in its store from 50,606 different publishers.

The number, which Steve Jobs will no doubt brag about at the company's Special Event on Wednesday, shows that Apple is still by far the biggest app store on the planet with the nearest competitor, Android, only offering around 100,000 apps (unofficially).

Of those 250,000 apps, books dominate the proceedings with 43,809 apps being categorised as a book in the App Store, while games account for a further 36,719 apps.

Entertainment (28,771), Education (19,603) and Lifestyle (16,023) are the three next biggest categories.

And yes, for those keeping count there are over 900 apps that reference the word "fart" in their title or description.

We expect the official line from Steve Jobs and Apple on Wednesday 1 September.

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