According to reports, Apple is all set for a 7 September event to announce some new kit.

So what can can we expect to see?

The red hot favourite has to be the fourth generation iPod touch. The first version was launched in September 2007, the second in September 2008 and the third in September last year. It's not a case of putting two and two together, it's even easier than that.

The fourth-gen iPod touch is said to include a front facing camera, as first revealed by an over-zealous John Lewis spokesman, and backed up by numerous leaked assembly line shots.

We're also expecting a gyroscopic sensor like the iPhone 4, an Apple A4 chip and a 5-megapixel camera with a flash. We're hoping for the same retina screen as the iPhone 4 as well.

The next likely candidate is a revamped Apple TV, which may even launch with the iTV moniker that Jobs and the boys originally wanted when it was originally launched back in 2007. 

There are strong indications that the new platform will be a $99 device (so probably £89 here in the UK) and that it will have iOS on board, giving your TV a gateway to the App Store. 

Bloomberg is also reporting that Apple is in discussions with News Corp with a view to offering shows from its network for rental on Apple devices - for 99c per 48 hours - and that talks with other media companies regarding a similar setup are ongoing as well.  

This would coincide nicely with an Apple TV launch on 7 September. We can see Jobs up on stage now, turtle-necked up, watching a bit of rented Family Guy during a keynote demo. 

So the iPhone touch 4G and Apple TV are what everyone is expecting, but could Apple throw something in from left-field? After all, Pocket-lint recently reported on iOS 4.1 beta testing on not only a new iPod, but a new iPad and an unknown device as well. 

It's highly unlikely, although if we were to have a cheeky punt on an outside bet then we'd go for a smaller-screen iPad. Just 50p each-way at 100/1 mind. We don't hold out much hope.

UPDATE: This event has now been confirmed for the 1 September.

What do you guys think? What will Apple unveil on 7 September? Give us your thoughts below.