Since its launch back in April Pocket-lint has seen many home made iPad custom stands.

We've seen iPads stuck inside kitchen cabinets. We've seen iPads hung on bedroom walls using TV brackets. We've seen iPads fitted into custom arcade units. And we've even seen iPads embedded into Macintosh Classic cases and clam shell Apple iBooks.

Will man's desire to botch together his own unique iPad station ever cease?

Well, apparently not as Pocket-lint brings to you the latest iPad stand hack job to catch our beady eye - the retro TV iPad stand.

Made out of wood by Jonas Damon of the New York Frog Design office, the cathode-ray style casing even includes a static video to really get that 1980s nostalgia feel.

You may ask yourself why someone would go to the trouble of making such a contemporary item look so old fashioned - but we think that it is a charming little addition to the ever growing pile of iPad hack jobs.