If you sat back and watched antennagate unfold thinking to yourself "somebody is going to lose their job over this", then well done, you've been proved correct - although, to be fair, you'd expect a head or two to roll after such a high-profile balls-up.

Mark Papermaster, Apple's senior vice-president of devices hardware engineering, has left 1 Infinite Loop for the very last time.

Papermaster was the chap who was charged with leading the engineering team for the iPhone 4 (as well as iPods) and has seemingly paid the price for the reception issues that have blighted Apple's latest flagship handset.

There's no confirmation yet, as to whether Papermaster was pushed or if he jumped, but the general consensus in the land of web suggests that the former IBM man was shown the door.

John Gruber, an Apple blogger said it was "clear he was sacked", pointing to his "conspicuous absence" from Steve Jobs' press conference on 16 July when the turtle-necked CEO announced the free bumper offer. Gruber quotes an inside source who describes Papermaster as "the guy responsible for the antenna".

Papermaster had worked for the Cupertino based company since October 2008 having previously worked for IBM for 26 years.

So is this an end to antennagate? Let us know what you think about the iPhone 4's troubled little life using the comments below.