Beatles fans may be slightly disappointed to hear the news that Beatles songs won't be coming to iTunes anytime in the near future.

The news comes in after Yoko Ono told Reuters: "Steve Jobs has his own idea and he's a brilliant guy", before continuing, "There's just an element that we're not very happy about, as people. We are holding out", before adding the final nail in the coffin: "Don't hold your breath ... for anything".

There had been growing speculation, perhaps hope, that some kind of deal would be struck after the ongoing dispute between Apple Corps and Apple Inc was settled in 2007.  And although Apple Corps hasn't always been at  the forefront of the digital revolution; preferring to use CDs as its main platform, it can only be a matter of time before it catches up.

Despite these reports, seeing as there is "just an element that we're [Apple Corps] not happy about" we can infer that a deal of some kind may still be on the cards at some point...

It goes without saying that if we hear anything we'll keep you posted.