What is it about Apple Stores that makes people want to queue up overnight?

The latest queue is the one forming outside Apple's new flagship store at 1 The Piazza, Covent Garden. And there isn't even a new product in sight.

Nope, this time it's all about being the first inside. Except that people (including Pocket-linters) have been popping in to the shop all week. And not to mention the 300 staff.

Maybe it's all about the free T-shirt. Take a look at our pictures of the very same T-shirt that they'll be handing out to the first 4,000 visitors to the store when it opens its doors on 7 August. Is it really worth an overnight camp-out? At least the arches will keep you dry if it rains we suppose.

First in line is 29-year-old Rosie Williams who has been queuing since 10am. And Miss Williams has had previous high ambitions when it comes to queuing- she also wanted to queue up for the opening of the Shanghai store last month.

Pic of Rose Williams from The London Evening Standard

apple store covent garden people queuing to be first inside image 1

Pic of Rose Williams from The London Evening Standard

"It's always guys who are first in line, so I really wanted to be the first girl, and I'm so happy I've done it", said Williams. "I have to do the hard work and stay here all day, but it should be a fun night".

The MA student is hoping to get an iPhone 4 and an iPad to go with her T-shirt. If she's first in, chances are that Apple may just give her those for free - maybe she isn't so crazy after all.

Check out our photo gallery from inside Apple's "best ever" store. We were invited along for a sneak peak earlier this week.

Are you going down to queue, or have you got better things to do on your Friday afternoon? Give us your thoughts on the Apple queuing phenomenon below.