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(Pocket-lint) - The rumours that the next iPod touch will have a front facing camera for Face Time have stepped up a notch, after more pictures of a supposed iPod production line model showed up on MacRumours.

The images, are very similar to a previous leak in July, albeit from a different source, that Pocket-lint reported on.

These fresh images show the front LCD and bezel, and are clearly stamped with the mark "Apple (c) 2010". We know that this would be easy enough to fake, but you have to question as to why anybody would go to the bother of knocking up mock iPod parts.

If Face Time does make it to the iPod, there are questions as to how it would actually work. With an iPhone 4, the device uses your 3G connection to place the call initially and then switches to the Wi-Fi network for the video part.

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Our guess is that an iPod, which would have to rely on Wi-Fi entirely, would connect via your iTunes account or your Apple ID, thus the recipient of your call would still know who was calling even though an iPod has no phone number as such.

Apple tends to stick to a rigid time-frame of January, June and September for big releases and we saw the iPad unleashed in January, the iPhone 4 in June and so we're hedging our bets on a September announcement for the fourth-gen iPod touch.

Face Time on a iPod - do we really need it? Give us your opinions on the subject using the comments below.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.