Apple has made it a bit less of a chore to find the best free apps in the App Store, by introducing a new featured section called "Free in The App Store".

Within the new section there are three sub-categories, "New & Noteworthy", "Try Before You Buy" and "Our Favourites".

It's the second category which will probably be of the most use to app fans. For it's in here that you'll find all the lite or ad-supported versions of paid-for apps, so you'll be able to give them a test-drive before deciding whether or not to part with your money.

apple urges app fans to try before you buy  image 3

The new addition is far from a complete overhaul, but it is a neat little feature that makes the app searching process that little bit less annoying and kind of makes you wonder why it wasn't an option before.

What are your best freebie apps? Do tell, and you never know - we might even feature some of them on our App of The Day.