T-Mobile has opened the door for its iPhone 4 sales.

The network, which becomes the fifth in the UK to offer the device after O2, Vodafone, Orange and Tesco Mobile, will hope that the demand for Apple's latest baby is still as strong - despite the detrimental coverage it has received because of antennagate.

Price wise, the leaked shot we got of the T-Mobile prices back at the start of July seem pretty much on the money - although the price of the handset is slightly cheaper in places than was first thought.

Obviously, there are only black iPhone 4s available - no carrier is expected to see the white iPhone 4 until later on this year - despite Steve Jobs' iPhone 4 keynote saying it would be available by the end of July.

If you're thinking of grabbing yourself an iPhone 4 from T-Mobile be sure to first check out our review. Did it live up to our expectations despite the death grip controversy? All is revealed within.