We at Pocket-lint like to bring you the best gadgets out there; we like to bring you photos of the slickest hottest tech to get you excited about the next must have gadget - but spare us our petty indulgences. Ladies and gentlemen, we present the Apple Battery Charger.

You might have been watching the announcement of the new Mac Pro or the new hardware configuration options for the latest iMac, but if there was one detail that really caught our eye, it was the battery charger.

This isn't just any battery charger however: it's had the Apple treatment. That means a curvy white plastic design, it means intricate details have been considered. Just look at the domes for the negative battery connection - just look at them!

Apple introduced us to a new term today - "vampire draw". This is when the plugged-in charger sucks power but is no longer charging batteries, it's just wasting it. The Apple charger is up to 10x more efficient by reducing this vampire draw, so it uses very little power when just sitting there. Of course, you should unplug it or switch it off to totally slay those vampires.

You get six AA cells of the Ni-MH variety and we spied that they had a capacity of 1900mAh. Apple tells us it has a long shelve life, retaining 80 per cent of their charge over the course of a year on the shelf and should have a life cycle of 10 years.

And why has Apple released a battery charger? Because it has a growing array of accessories that take batteries, of course.

Impressed? Yours for £25.