Ooooh. A "Back Soon" notice has popped up on the Apple Store - and that can only really mean one thing - the site is getting a re-jig to make room for a new release (or hopefully some new releases).

We recently told you how Mac Insider John Gruber was predicting all manner of new delights to come out of Cupertino and it looks as if he may be proved correct - although the devices he has hinted at are yet to be confirmed.

Pocket-lint has also been invited to a briefing at Apple HQ on 28 July and Apple usually gets us in the day after a product launch, so we can get our grubby paws on its latest toy before giving you guys the low-down.

Unless an Apple employee has got over-excited and just wants to show us that he's gone over 50,000 on Doodle Jump, then it's pretty obvious that we'll be seeing some new kit in the next few hours.

Stay tuned to find out what it is......

Let us know what you want to see - new iMacs, new MacBooks, new iLife software? Or maybe something else? Use the comments below for all of your Apple wishes.