Well, well, well, what have we here?

Pocket-lint was walking home around 11pm last night along London's glorious Regent Street and what should we see but the Apple Store getting a major revamp and taking in deliveries of a number of large sealed up crates.

More iPhone 4s or iPads to deal with the incessant demand?

Could it be the arrival of the long awaited white iPhone 4s?

Or maybe it's a huge job lot of iPhone 4 bumpers to coincide with Apple's possible announcement that it will be giving them away free later on today?

Whatever the reason, the refit has sent tongues a wagging on the web.

Roll on 6pm we say and the supposed Apple press conference where we're hoping that all will be revealed.

Have you been down to the Apple Store today? What's going on down there? Let us know what you've seen using the comments below.