The world and its brother installed Apple's new iPhone and iPod touch operating system last night, or so it seems, with some people complaining of exceptionally long download times. But, to be honest, that was expected as the traffic must have been worse than during Bastille Day at the Champs-Élysées.

Not so envisaged, though, are the many complaints that iOS 4 has made photos and pictures stored on the phone appear blurry.

According to Boy Genius Report, many of its readers have pointed out that the initial sync process down-samples pictures so much that they seem fuzzy and lose a lot of definition. It may not be so apparent when you view the pics on the phone itself, but when transferred to a PC or Mac, they're shoddy.

However, BGR reader Jos has suggested an easy fix: Just uncheck all of the synced photos in iTunes, resync your device without them (effectively removing the vastly down-sampled versions), then recheck the pics to transfer back across and resync again. This should re-optimise your images at a higher sample rate.


Have you had any other issues with iOS 4? If so, let us know in the comments below...