MobileMe has undergone a bit of a makeover and, to tie in with the relaunch, Apple has also released the "Find my iPhone" app in the App Store.

The app, which still requires a MobileMe account, and has been an available service via MobileMe for a while now, lets you locate your iPhone if you lose it. But hang on, if you've lost your iPhone then how are you going to use it to locate itself? You can't silly, you'll need another Apple device to do that for you.

Back to the MobileMe facelift and it's all very appy looking. Is appy a real word? Probably not, but you know what we mean. It's a nice, clean, slick iPad inspired looking interface that now includes a new application switcher.

The mail beta has a totally new interface, just as we reported that it would, and the calendar, photo gallery and iDisk applications have all been spruced up and are now much simpler to use.

You can try MobileMe for free for a couple of months if you've got an Apple device, and if you want to carry on using it, the service will cost you £59 a year. Sign up here if you're interested.

Do you use MobileMe? Is it worth the subscription fee? Give us your MobileMe thoughts below.