In the past we've been accused here at Pocket-lint of being Apple fanboys and refusing to utter a bad word about all things big-A. Not true, of course, but if you did want further proof that we're not afraid to criticise Cupertino's most famous resident then take a look at this statement:

For the biggest technology company in the world, Apple's website is, at times, shambolic. It hangs, it crashes and all too often it is just so frustratingly sloooooooow.

So, the news that Apple is possibly lining up an app, which could hit the App Store as soon as tomorrow (15 June), comes as a great relief to us and will surely come as welcome news for all Apple users.

The app, according to Mac Rumours, will work on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and will allow you to browse Apple's online store and carry out tasks such as booking Genius Bar appointments.

If the app does go live as expected and it makes browsing Apple's online stores easier then it's great news...for Apple fanboys like us at least.