While the Apple faithful wait on tenterhooks for news of the new iPhone, rumours are starting to surface that we will see a new version of Apple's browser Safari launched at WWDC on 7 June.

MacGeneration, a French apple news site, is claiming that Safari will be overhauled, getting a boost to Safari 5 when the Worldwide Developer Conference kicks off on Monday.

New to Safari 5 will apparently be "a Reader functionality that will make web page reading easier by extracting and organizing the text" as well as "The search field will now include Bing as well as Yahoo and Google."

Other features will be under the hood, including yet another speed boost to compete with the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome, via a new Javascript render that is 25 per cent faster than currently available.

It will also include more DNS prefetching and caching to help with speed and a greater support for HTML5, something Apple has just suddenly got very keen on.

Elsewhere there appears to be lots of boring developer fixes and improvements, although those who like a bit of private browsing might be drawn to the addition of a new icon that lets you turn it on and off without digging through the standard drop down menu.

If the thought of a new browser wasn't enough to get you giddy with excitement (we know how you roll) then the news that Apple is also supposedly planning on releasing Mac OS X 10.6.4 will probably send you orgasmic.

But with that supposedly being about bug fixes, that euphoric excitement might be a little, how should we say it, premature.