We've already seen cats, dogs, and babies go mad for the iPad, and now it seems dolphins are getting in on the action too.

Dolphin research scientist, Jack Kassewitz of SpeakDolphin.com, introduced the iPad to the Merlin, the dolphin, in early steps towards build a language interface.

"The use of the iPad is part of our continuing search to find a suitable touch screen technology which the dolphins can activate with the tip of their rostrums or beaks. After extensive searching and product review, it looks like our choice is between the Panasonic Toughbook and the Apple iPad” Kassewitz explains.

“We think that once the dolphins get the hang of the touch screen, we can let them choose from a wide assortment of symbols to represent objects, actions and even emotions”.

“Merlin is quite curious, like most dolphins, and he showed complete willingness to examine the iPad” said Kassewitz.

So what apps should Merlin get? We've played with the rather fishy Pocket Pond, but do you know of anything better? Let us know in the comments below.

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