If you follow the stock market, then you'll know that there have been a few dips in the last few days. Recently, Apple saw 0.4 per cent shaved off its share price. Bad news you'd have thought. Well, not so, as arch rival Microsoft had an even bigger fall, of 4 per cent.

When the men in stripy jackets got out their calculators and worked out what this all meant exactly, they realised that Apple had overtaken Microsoft as the biggest tech business in the world. Never had a 0.4 per cent drop in price seemed so good for Jobs and the gang.

Apple is now valued at a humongous £154 billion, whilst Microsoft is worth a paltry £152 billion. Okay, so the gap is only £2 billion, but it's big news never-the-less.

However, if having the biggest market value is the equivalent of winning the league then Microsoft can still console itself with the fact that it won the financial cup double. Because Microsoft had the biggest net profits of the two, £10 billion compared to £4 billion, as well as having the largest full-year revenue, £40 billion against £25 billion.

The last time Apple pipped Microsoft to the top spot was way back in 1989. Back then it would have been due to sales of behemoth machines such as the Apple 11c Plus and the Macintosh 11cx and SE/30. Nowadays, it is riding the wave of an incredible lineup of products, including the recent, huge launch of the iPad.

With a next-gen iPhone due out next month, maybe Microsoft could be playing catch-up for a while yet?

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