Early iPad adopters, who ordered their iPads directly from the States rather than waiting for its official launch here in Blighty, are now able to access the App Store directly from their new favourite toy.

Up until now, UK iPad users had to download apps using iTunes and sync them to their tablets. But Apple has now unleashed the dedicated iPad App Store to the world, with Engadget reporting that it has received messages from, not only the UK, but from the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Australia saying they can access the service.

A quick firing up of our own iPad confirms the UK launch. 

So what apps are proving to be the most popular for iPad early adopters in the UK? Well, interestingly, given the hype that Apple created about the iPad being a serious gaming machine, the top ten paid apps contain seven games with Scrabble being on top.

ipad app store goes live in the uk image 2

In terms of freebies, the most popular app is the Financial Times, and it's predominately filled with useful apps such as Shazam, Wikipanion and two Twitter clients - Twitterrific and TweetDeck.

Any international Pocket-linters out there who've imported an iPad before its release in your country? Let us know if you can access the App Store on your iPad.