Yet more wisdom, straight out of the mouth of Steve Jobs. Well, out of his hands, rather than his mouth, because the iPhone doesn't have the Nexus One's speech-to-text capabilities just yet. Turns out that printing is coming to the iPad.

Jobs revealed the information in response to an email query from a customer, sent to The customer asked "Why not printing on the iPad? What gives?", to which Steve replied, simply: "It will come", signing off with his usual "Sent from my iPhone", showing that the Apple boss isn't afraid to flaunt his company's gadgets.

It's not yet clear how iPad printing could be accomplished - whether it would only be able to access network printers, or whether there'd be some way of hooking up older printers that don't have wireless connectivity. Perhaps Apple will rope in Google's forthcoming "Cloud Print" offering. Either way, it seems unlikely that you'll be able to plug one straight into the iPad camera connection kit's USB port.

The statement substantiates prior rumours that iPad printing was something the company was working on. In the meantime, there's always this quick shortcut...