Are you wealthy, male and aged 35-44? If so, you are the average iPad user according to some interesting stats released by Yahoo.

Using data from anyone who signed in to any of its networks via an iPad, Yahoo revealed that men outnumbered women by almost two to one, and that in the 35-44 age category the population composition was 36% higher than its usual user. It seems there aren't many kids out there with iPads yet - population composition was 39% down on the Yahoo norm in the under 20 age group.

Despite the iPad only being available in the US, Yahoo reports that 10% of IP traffic comes from outside the States. The UK is one of three European countries (with France and Germany) mentioned as having a high usage.

Not surprisingly, as the iPad will cost you a few hundred dollars, Yahoo suggests that users are "94 per cent more likely to be affluent consumers with solid wealth and strong incomes than typical U.S. Yahoo users". Also, and again not surprisingly, the findings suggest that 48% of iPad users had also logged in to Yahoo with an iPhone in the past.

These stats have to be taken with a pinch of salt as they are only concerned with Yahoo users, but one thing is for sure - they're probably far more accurate than the pre-election polls that predicted a strong Liberal Democrat performance.