American iPad 3G owners not so keen to use AT&T's 3G service in the US have found that the device isn't locked to the carrier, which allows you to load up a T-Mobile micro-SIM instead as long as you are willing to use some MacGyver skills.

While the move means that you won't have to worry about trying to "jailbreak" your new gadget (although you can do that to) to work with other mobile phone SIMs, you will have to get out a scalpel and start cutting down your regular SIM card into a micro-SIM card to fit the new slot size chosen by Apple.

The move is likely to be welcomed by Brits, and those outside the UK, as it means that with a bit of chopping and handy work you should be able to fashion a micro-SIM from a pay-as-you-go SIM card if you've opted to import it before the official launch date outside the US (something that has yet to be set).

Vodafone, Orange and O2 have all said they will be offering micro-SIM plans in the UK, when the iPad 3G becomes available, for those not keen to start cutting up their SIM.

Those who have ventured online with the official AT&T connection have found, as expected, that some apps won't work or don't give you the full experience in an attempt to conserve data. US movie-rental app Netflix is reducing the quality of the movies, while another popular app, the ABC player that lets you catch up on popular TV shows, only works on Wi-Fi.

The restrictions have stopped Apple reportedly selling around 300,000 units of its 3G version of the iPad, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.

Although Apple hasn't published any official figures, Munster, a regular Apple pundit, claims he has the inside scoop on the number of devices pushed out the door. 

Something that should probably be taken with a pinch of salt, the total if correct (Munster massively over estimated opening weekend sales for the Wi-Fi iPad model) would suggest that Apple has sold almost 1 million iPads in the US already, when you combine sales of both the Wi-Fi iPad and 3G iPad, 1-month after their official launch and before they've yet to go on sale in the UK and elsewhere in the world. 

ipad 3g ready to use in uk as us buys in to ipads on the go image 2

And for those interested, it turns out the iPad 3G has not one but five antennas in an attempt to make sure it can get a signal; be it 3G, GPS or Wi-Fi. Two antennas handle the cell reception - one is in the RF window on top, the other attaches to the LCD frame, there is a single GPS antenna also housed in the RF window on top and finally just like the iPad Wi-Fi, there are two antennas that handle Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity, one in the Apple logo and another to the left of the dock connector.

UPDATE: Apple has now confirmed that it has sold over 1 million Wi-Fi and 3G iPads combined. The new owners have downloaded a whopping 12 million apps.