A Gibraltar-based Apple reseller called Newton Store has jumped the gun and published UK pricing for the iPad, and as suspected, there's a hefty mark-up on the US pricing.

The 16GB model with Wi-Fi is set to cost £600, the 32GB variant with Wi-Fi + 3G costs £680, and the 64GB version with Wi-Fi and 3G will set you back a hefty £750. Compare that to $500 for 16GB, $600 for 32GB and $700 for 64GB in the USA, and you'll be staggered by the price increase.

While it's true that US pricing doesn't include tax, import duties, the cost of shipping, etc, we're having difficulty coming up with reasons to justify such a massive uptick. Perhaps there's a premium that's been added to the shipping to get it to Gibraltar?

Is that a sum that you'd pay for the Apple's shiny tablet PC, or is it one step too far? Tell us your thoughts on the pricing below.