The developer for a new iPad app, that bought widgets to the new internet tablet from Apple, tells us it has been rejected.

Turns out Apple, having just announced multitasking for the iPhone and the iPad, didn't like it as much as we did and said no to the new app called Dashboard. 

Not to see his work forgotten, Rich Hong, has said that he has now made his code open source on GitHub for all to share.

"Developers can now compile the app for themselves or their friends and once the jailbreak iPad goes live, users would be able to download it from Cydia".

Dashboard on iPad from Rich Hong on Vimeo.

As the video shows users would have been able to run a number of widgets at the same time all within the same app.

"Today, I got a call from Apple saying that my app was rejected because it contradicts iPad's user experience", Hong tells us.

Little did he know that Apple had its own plans for multitasking on the iPad which it announced at an event on Thursday.

The new multitasking feature will allow users to listen to music, receive notifications and download apps in the background while using their phone.

Although coming to the iPhone in the summer, iPad users will have to wait until the fall to get the new iPhone 4.0 update Apple has said.