"Should I buy an iPad" is a question on almost as many lips right now as smiles, frowns and those expressions in between all put together. It's not the easiest one to answer if you're sitting on the fence. While people in the UK and Europe have the luxury of time to work this one out, there's going to be some terribly frayed nerves and chewed fingernails of those in the US yet to decide.

So, if the pressure's getting to you, or you just want to get ahead of the game, then help is at hand in the shape of the Pocket-lint "Should I buy an iPad?" quiz. The method is simple. Ask yourself each of the 30 yes or no questions as openly and honestly as you can (you can try saying them aloud to yourself for added effect), note down your score for each as you go and then match it up with the advice at the bottom. Good luck, and no cheating.

  1. Do you own a Mac? (yes = 5 points, no = 0)
  2. Are you an Apple fanboy? (yes = 20 points, no = 0)
  3. Do you have spare money? (yes = 2 points, no = 0)
  4. Do you use a PC? (yes = -2 points, no = 0)
  5. Do you like comics? (yes = 10 points, no = 0)
  6. Do you want to feel like you're in Star Trek? (yes = 5 points, no = 0)
  7. Do you want to read ebooks? (yes = 5 points, no = 0)
  8. Are you looking to replace your portable laptop? (yes = 1 points, no = 4)
  9. Are you planning on doing a lot of typing on it? (yes = 1 points, no = 4)
  10. Do you need to be known for having the latest gadgets? (yes = 7 points, no = 0)
  11. Are you looking to consume web content without uploading much? (yes = 5 points, no = 0)
  12. Do you want to watch porn on it? (yes = -10 points, no = 0)
  13. Do you own an iPhone? (yes = 5 points, no = 0)
  14. Do you want to be able to multitask? (yes = 0 points, no = 3)
  15. Do you want to look up recipes in the kitchen? (yes = 4 points, no = 0)
  16. Do you often browse on your smartphone at home? (yes = 8 points, no = 0)
  17. Do you want one to watch TV in bed? (yes = 5 points, no = 0)
  18. Do you want one to read the news? (yes = 3 points, no = 0)
  19. Do you own an iPod? (yes = 2 points, no = 0)
  20. Do you want something to keep the kids quiet in the car? (yes = 6 points, no = 0)
  21. Do you want to be able to read e-mails on the loo? (yes = 4 points, no = 0)
  22. Do you get annoyed at your smartphone being too small? (yes = 5 points, no = 0)
  23. Do you want to take a punt? (yes = 2 points, no = 0)
  24. Can you expense it against your earnings? (yes = 6 points, no = 0)
  25. Are you okay being owned by Apple? (yes = 4 points, no = 0)
  26. Do you need to own a beautiful looking device? (yes = 10 points, no = 0)
  27. Do you fight over laptops at home? (yes = 4 points, no = 0)
  28. Are you expecting an iPad to mean you can do things that you can't already? (yes = -8 points, no = 2)
  29. Do you spend a lot of time watching shows that other family members/housemates want to watch? (yes = 4 points, no = 0)
  30. Do you buy a lot of magazines? (yes = 7 points, no = 0)

Forget it (-18-14)

This gadget is not for you and, if you didn't already have a pretty good sense of that, then you might need to get a little more in touch with the inner you. It's unlikely there's anything Apple already in your life - except perhaps an iPod kicking around that you don't use much any more - and, whether it's from Cupertino or not, you're probably not that interested in the idea of tablet computing at all. Don't worry. You don't have to be. So, ignore the hoo-ha, put your head back down and just play some hold music in your brain when people start banging on about their iPads to you.

Not for you (15-47)

That may be a bit of a shock to you if you were quite keen on the idea, but the truth is that it's actually not what you're after. Go ahead and buy one if you don't believe us but what we're saying is that it'll only be a disappointment to you. You'll play a bit of Scrabble on it, maybe even download the productivity apps but, at the end of the day, your iPad will probably just sit gathering dust next to the sofa until the final terrible moment of realisation when you decide to use it as a coaster.

Up your street (48-73)

You might not have a burning desire to buy an iPad but even if part of you just quite fancies the idea, you'll do okay to trust your feelings. You might not ever take it out your house, you might not ever even use the keyboard in any serious way, but you will have a small smug moment or two that'll justify the outlay - whether that's reading some comics, watching some screen in bed or having a quick poogle is your business. 

What are you reading this for? (74-154)

Stop wasting your time and ours and get yourself down to the Apple Store pronto. If you don't live in the States, then you'll just have to settle for putting aside the cash and keeping your eye on the news here for when it's time to sprint out of work, pick up your sleeping bag and get yourself a place in the queue. If you're a little stunned to be grouped in with the Apple fruit cakes, then it may have only been one of the key facets of the iPad that's taken your score up to the gods, but that doesn't mean you don't belong there. Take a deep breath, fork out the cash and forget your troubles as you learn to stop worrying and love the Jobs.