Want to see what the inside of a iPad looks like? Thought you did, and luckily iFixIt thought the same thing deciding to do its usual and rip apart the latest gadget on the block to find out what is going on inside so you don’t have to worry about taking a pick axe to yours.

Apart from the pretty pictures that a dismantled iPad gives, the team found that the iPad's battery has 5.5x the capacity of the battery in the iPhone allowing it to deliver that claimed 10 hour battery life.

To give it its strength, the rear case is machined from a single billet of aluminium, and that there is an empty void in the upper right corner where the cellular communications board would go in the 3G iPad.

For those slightly more geeky the A4 processor is a Package-on-Package (PoP) chip which means that there are at least three layers of circuitry layered on top of each other.

A4 is packaged just like the iPhone processors, microprocessor in one package and two memory modules in the other package. They're all sandwiched together in a very nice and thin PoP.

The iPad RAM is INSIDE the A4 processor package and that rumored slot for a camera, unfortunately for those still holding out hope, it is actually taken up by the ambient light sensor.

The glass panel is quite thick: about 1.18 mm, compared to the iPhone's 1.02 mm thick glass.

Finally the touch circuit design is more similar to the old 2G and early 3G iPhones than the current 3GS. Why? What’s the point of making something smaller and more expensive if you’ve got the room to go large and cheap.

While iFixIt’s approach can be seen as meticulous and measured, the same can’t be said about YouTube user THISisCaSpEr who, according to iPadinsider bought all three models of the WiFi iPad at a Best Buy at Pittsburgh and then promptly decided smashing one with a baseball bat was “fun”.