If you think you are fed up of the iPad and it hasn't even launched yet, then wait till there are 7.1 million of them in the world by Christmas.

That is the claim by analysts over at iSuppli who estimate there will be 7.1 million iPads in circulation in 2010. 14.4 million in 2011 and nearly triple that, 20.1 million, in 2012 just in time for when the world ends.

"The iPad’s attractive design, compelling applications and multi-touch capability, key components of Apple Inc.’s past successes, will help to offset the initial omission of Adobe Flash from the device and send demand soaring in 2010 and beyond," iSuppli Corp claim.

That jump in numbers from year one to year three will be driven up by a range of factors, including a flood of new applications, improved functionality and declining prices.

iSuppli regards its iPad sales forecast as conservative.

Factors that could boost sales beyond iSuppli’s preliminary expectations include swift feature enhancements and the early addition of Flash support.

It's not kidding about the flood of applications either, our inboxes are awash with news of app launches with every major player launching a dedicated version for the new Apple toy bringing the current tally to over 2,500 according to estimates. 

There really is an app for everything and this time developers are keen for you to know.