With the dust of iPad opening weekend beginning to settle, the tablets are out of their boxes and the App Store is open and stocked with over 150,000 bigger applications for the less little touchscreen.

So, what have people been buying then? A quick glance at the image above with the most popular paid for apps, free apps and top grossing apps gives us a pretty good idea, and it seems that it's all rather serious with Productivity by far and away the most popular category.

Slightly disappointingly, it's word processing, spreadsheets and presentations ruling much of the roost as well as the Bento personal admin suite making an appearance as well. Fortunately, the other side of the coin is that the iPad's marketed mainstays of books and films also make a good show coming top of the free apps section with list of the eagerly awaiting newspaper apps below.

On the games front, there's Scrabble to turn the iPad into a board game, Flight Control HD to try out that accelerometer steering and the ever-popular Plants vs Zombies HD. Of course, it's early days and just because the most popular ones don't sound wonderfully inspiring, it doesn't mean there's not some excellent apps out there that just fewer people know about. The Elements, for example looks rather nice.

Let us know if you find any gems.