Apple has officially launched its iPad store within the App store in the US bringing with it thousands of dedicated "HD" apps for the new device.

Customers in the US, or UK people with an American account, will be able to download the new apps to their device when they grab it from Saturday onwards.

While regular iPhone/iPod touch apps will work on the new iPad, Apple has encouraged developers to build dedicated apps that take advantage of the bigger screen.

Highlights include a Netflix app that will allow Netflix customers to stream movies straight to the device as long as they are within a Wi-Fi hotspot, a Shazam for iPad app that will tell you what music you are listening to, and of course a strong smattering of games including flight simulator Top Gun (which looks very cool).

Fans of Gap will be even happier to hear that you can also get the companies catalogue as an app.

Those looking for an excuse to do some serious work might want to check out the Wall Street Journal's app, although with a monthly subscription of just under $18, it's not for those on a tight budget.

Which apps are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.