If you're still wondering why you might want an iPad, one game has stepped forward, which we think might just sway a few people to finally get what it's all about.

Game Table is an app which will be available from launch (hopefully) and allow you to play checkers, poker, chess, and most card games with the promise of backgammon and go on the way.

Costing just 99 cents you can see how the app will allow you to enjoy simple boardgames with friends on the road, without the fear of losing the pieces when the train comes grinding to a halt.

While the makers of the app say that you won't be able to play against a computer - it really is just a table - we can easily see friends huddled around an iPad playing to their hearts content.

Now all we need is the ability to sync up an iPhone to view cards without everyone else seeing them and you're on to a real winner.

Expect this to be a must have for launch day.