In the wake of the furore over Apple's removal of apps with "objectionable" content from the App Store, it appears as if the company might be toying with the idea of sectioning it off instead. According to a developer, Apple sneakily added an "Explicit" category to App Store submissions.

There was speculation that this could lead to all the recently-removed applications being put in their own category, only available to age-verified users, but it seems that's not the case, as the category was removed just as swiftly. Gizmodo spoke to another developer who was told by Apple that while it was an option under consideration, "it's not going to happen anytime soon".

In the meantime, it appears as if the current status quo will remain. Small developers with apps that feature a bit of skin are being removed wholesale, while big publishers that feature the same content, like Playboy and Sports Illustrated, get to stay happily. That could prove a problem for Apple, especially with Google's Android platform lurking temptingly on the sidelines.