Here at Pocket-lint we've been inundated by friends, family and readers asking us if they want an iPad, so to help with the decision we've created a simple tick list that offers a basic way of showing what the device can and can't do in order to help people to work out if the iPad is for them.

As this list is aimed at the less tech savvy, we've rounded off a few options, such as putting the use of USB devices in the no column, even though with an adaptor such connections would be possible, to give a more out-of-the-box overview of the device.

is the apple ipad right for you  image 2

It goes without saying that certain features are more important that others - you might be able to live without a webcam, but no multi-tasking might be a deal breaker - however if your personal want list resulted in more ticks than crosses, then an iPad might well be for you. Roll on March!