So, we hear on the grapevine that there's a possibility that Apple might be launching a shiny new plaything in the not-too-distant future. Pretty far-fetched, we know, but stranger things have happened. Like Jack Bauer reportedly being one of the first people outside of Apple to play with the device.

The star of 24, who's played by Kiefer Sutherland, is no stranger to Apple product placement. The company's computers have appeared in the show since the very first season. However, Rodney Charters - the director of photography on the show - has been tweeting that the tablet device will be making an appearance.

He first says that it could appear in episode 20 (adding that he's "giddy with excitement"). Then later he follows up, saying that it might be more like episode 22. Later, however, he says: "Oh dear seems like the geeks have gone a little overboard over my speculation that Jack Bauer might get an iSlate", so perhaps it's not as confirmed as he initially seems to suggest.

Of course, the device has yet to be confirmed as in existence by Apple, though the CEO of textbook-publishers McGraw-Hill has revealed that the device exists. We'll bring you full coverage of any announcements that might happen as we get them.