The latest Apple iTablet image (Is this the real Apple tablet?) of the now confirmed device, sitting on a MacBook Pro has been called a fake according to Photoshop experts who've analysed the image.

"The noise profile of the tablet (fine grain) vs. everything else in the image (the splotchy stuff) as viewed by its blue colour channel shows it was placed on top of the separate, original image of the laptop. Very good fake, but pixels don't lie", claims photoshop expert Cole Rise. 

Our very own expert that we turn to for these kind of things, Charlie Marshall, takes the explanation one step further but agrees with Rise:

"Looking at the noise profile it shows two very different noise levels. Any images taken with a camera you are likely to have image noise (for digital) or grain (for film), whereas images created using 3d software are "solid" pixels and basically have no noise as they are individually created rather than captured and calculated. The image shown has the tablet as "solid" and the laptop grainy, if photographed together they would have the exact same noise pattern. Essentially, the tablet is too sharp. A very fine quality piece of photoshop work though.... "

So there you have it, the Apple tablet now might be confirmed thanks to the CEO of McGraw-Hill, but while the end result might look like this, this isn't it.