Yet more pictures claiming to be the Apple iTablet have turned up on the Web on Tuesday, just a day before Apple's big announcement on Wednesday.

Posted by designer Dustin Curtis, the images, which he claims are real but doctored to look fake show what appears to be the Apple tablet on a 15-inch MacBook Pro.

The tablet, which could be yet another fake isn't turned on, but does fit with the general consensus currently doing the rounds of an aluminium casing, single touchscreen measuring around 10-inches, and a thin black border like the iPhone and MacBook Pro screens.

Looking closely at the image there is a standard iPhone looking volume button set on the left hand side of the device and a 30-pin docking connector.

However, many of the comments on the post suggest that the "shadows" and "reflections" aren't correct, something that Curtis says is the case at the beginning:

"I have reason to believe these are real, and that the person who took/released them purposefully manipulated the reflections to add doubt about their authenticity".

We will find out on Wednesday.

In the meantime, what do you think? Do you believe these images to be the work of photoshop or the real deal? Have your say below.

UPDATE: This image has now been debunked by Photoshop experts, however McGraw-Hill CEO has confirmed that Apple will be launching a Tablet device running the iPhone OS on Wednesday.