It seems Apple might have difficulty in shifting a high-priced tablet device in any great numbers if consumer polls carried out in both the UK and US, revealed on the eve of what's expected to be the iTablet unveiling, are anything to go by.

Here in the UK a survey of 3000 consumers by website reveals that 46% of British consumers would not be prepared to spend more than £250 on the Apple iTablet.

Meanwhile in the US, shopping site Retrevo's data suggests 70% won't spend more than $700 on such a device - which works out at the higher £430 mark.

Of course, if the rumours that Apple is to offer the device via operators, bundled with mobile broadband contracts, pan out, then the initial cost of the tablet could well be lowered.

Although obviously it's all oh-so-theoretical at this point, with both the device and its specs and functions not yet confirmed, we're interested to know what Pocket-lint readers would be prepared to pay for an iTablet. 

Have your say in the comments box below to let us know what your maximum price would be, how much you'd be prepared to pay out for a monthly broadband contract if you got the tablet subsidised, and heck - whether or not you'd even want the darn thing...