"We've had enough of trying to follow all the speculation around Apple's impending tablet", says Gawker blog ValleyWag. "We want answers dammit! And we're willing to pay".

That payment comes in with the offer of $10,000 for pics of the rumoured device and $20,000 for video. The bounty rises to $50,000 for a snap or clip of Steve Jobs holding one and $100,000 if ValleyWag can get their hands on the device.

With the promise that the blog will "go to spycraft-level lengths to prevent anything being traced back to you", presumably the hope is to turn an Apple insider's head with the promise of all that cold, hard cash.

The paparazzi-style twist to the Apple tablet saga will likely not go down well with Apple, or indeed others in the industry, and is in fact, depending on who it might be that takes the bait, almost certainly illegal.

UPDATE: Apple's legal department has put a stop to the scavenger hunt.