What's being billed as the "world's first legal App Store alternative" has been officially launched at Sin City's CES show.

Described as "a platform that offers a viable, robust and legal alternative to iTunes", the online store has been developed by the magician Steve Sheraton behind the iBeer and iSoda iPhone apps.  

Developers of all shapes, sizes and morality can now create apps for the iPhone, iPod touch and "Google's new Nexus One device" (so presumably any Android 2.1 devices) via YourAppShop.com.

YourAppShop is said to have been created "out of frustration with Apple's approval process" and will see brands, companies and developers setting up a virtual shop to sell apps directly to consumers.

"For years [since July 2008], developers of all sizes have been denied access to the world's largest app store for a variety of reasons thanks to a lengthy and convoluted corporate process", Sheraton said.

"These policies have hampered certain labels from creating personalized, branded apps. Your App Shop is a brilliant opportunity for companies with content not allowed on iTunes or those that just want to bypass Apple completely".

Apple announced this week the official App Store has topped 3 million downloads.