Conde Nast has revealed it is prepping a digital version of its tech mag Wired for Apple's rumoured tablet device, even though it says Apple is "not talking to anyone openly" about the rumoured hardware.

It seems the publisher is so certain of Apple's plans for a large touchscreen device it's getting the digi-tablet version of Wired ready for a mid-2010 launch and plans to make similar versions of its 18 titles available too.

Conde Nast says "it's confident that we'll soon see multiple versions of machines featuring large colour touchscreens and wireless connections", reports D: All Things Digital.

On the hardware front the publisher is working with HP and with Adobe on software, with the latter creating a new digital magazine publishing tool for the new format, that will be a Conde Nast exclusive at launch, although will be offered to other companies next year.

Recently the executive editor of the New York Times referred to the Apple tablet in a speech as the "impending Apple slate", adding fuel to the rumour fire.